Speaking skills and listening techniques in effective communication

The last training session of the “i-Learning Summer School” project, which was carried out with the financial support of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the organizational support of “IRELI” Public Union and “NEN Group” LLC, was held on 02.03.2023, Centralized Credit of FINCA Azerbaijan BOKT The sale will be carried out by Gunay Nuraliyeva, a professional trainer, on the topic of “Speech skills and listening techniques during effective communication”!

As we know, we call a person who is able to express his socially important ideas in an understandable, convincing and impressive way a real speaker. The speaker’s weapon is the living word. Everything for speaking ability – the content of the text, intonation, manner of behavior, gestures, facial expressions, etc. needed.
The art of public speaking continues to be effective in every part of our lives, not just at work. We try to use this art in our daily speeches, business meetings, conferences and more so that our message is directly conveyed to the other.

There are a few secrets you’ll need to master the art of public speaking, capture an audience, and impress your listeners. We will learn the ways to learn these secrets, master the art of public speaking and have listening techniques from Mrs. Gunay!

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