Career planning

The fourth training session of the “i-Learning Summer School” project, carried out with the financial support of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “IRELI” Public Union and the organizational support of “NEN Group” LLC, was held on 02.02.2023, “Profam LLC / will be carried out by the director of the insurance aggregator, Azer Ismayilov, on the topic of “Career planning”!

It is known that career is a subjectively thought out personal judgment about the future of the worker’s work, expected ways of self-expression and satisfaction with work. This process can be defined as a series of “courses of action” that an individual must follow throughout his working life. In other words, a career is the area in which an individual will advance in his or her public or private work life, pursue and strive for success. The result of wrong steps taken during career planning can have an impact for many years, so we need to analyze and step our career properly. The methods and means of this will be taught to the project participants by teacher Azer!

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