Preparation for the interview

The third training session of the “i-Learning Summer School” project, implemented with the financial support of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the organizational support of “IRELI” Public Union and “NEN Group” LLC, was held on 01.02.2023 at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan , will be carried out by Nail Mammadov, teacher of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and Baku Engineering University, author of several books, on the topic “Preparation for the interview”!

It is known that the interview is a certain form of social-psychological interaction between the interviewer and the respondent, organized to determine how well your skills, experience and personal qualities are suitable for the relevant vacancy. The peculiarity of this process of interpersonal interaction consists in the precise distribution of roles between the interviewer and the respondent, in contrast to the usual communication of individuals. There is a golden rule in the interview process that during the interview, not the most intelligent and well-educated person, but the most prepared for the interview, gets a successful result. We will learn the secrets of this golden rule together with Mr. Nail!

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